Wellness Support for Every Body + Budget

Do you sometimes feel like your body is failing you? Through my hands-on 1:1 heart health programs, you can kickstart your weight loss, quit smoking, create healthy eating & lifestyle habits, and improve your overall wellness!


My programs are designed to help you:

Rid yourself of hypertension + chest pain
Resist cigarette addiction
& manage cravings
Lose excess body fat
& fight obesity

Give you more energy, less pain, + reduced stress

Lower your cholesterol through healthy eating
Reduce your dependence on medications

I’m here to kickstart heart-conscious lifestyle changes

We’re busy people who need to lead full, productive lives, but a lot of us struggle with:

  • Feeling tired, lethargic, and fatigued on most days
  • Chronic pain that keeps you from doing the activities you want to do
  • Side effects from all of the medications you are taking
  • Depression, or fear of your declining health
  • Chest pain and/or shortness of breath
  • Feeling overwhelmed & stressed from not feeling well

Regular visits to your medical provider often aren’t enough motivation to make the lifestyle changes needed to lose weight, stop smoking, ward off diabetes, high cholesterol, and coronary disease.

Is Wellness Coaching the right choice for you?

Hands-on-health support is a great decision if…

  • You are looking to improve your overall health
  • You are committed to putting in the work needed to make critical lifestyle shifts
  • You want to live your fullest, healthiest life
  • You’re ready to achieve your ideal body shape & weight
  • You’re sick of making excuses for yourself
We may not be a good fit if…

  • You think of coaching as a quick fix to solve your health problems
  • You aren’t willing to commit yourself to putting in the necessary work to improving your health
  • You’d rather stay on the track you’re on instead of making lasting changes in your life
  • You’d prefer to just take a “magic pill” to fix your ailments instead of getting to the core issues
— OPTION #1 —

Your Medical Blueprint

  • Have you ever wondered what you take certain medications for?
  • Do you want to know how to pronounce them?
  • When your medical provider reviews your medical history, are you able to list your medical conditions/illnesses in a concise manner?
  • Do you want to learn more about your disease states?
  • Do you find it hard to navigate the healthcare system?
  • Do you just want to throw the medicine bottle over the counter at the pharmacist?

If you want a clearer picture into your overall health, you are in the right place!

We will spend 75 minutes focusing on getting you organized in regards to your health by discussing your current medical conditions and go through all of your medications. I’ll identify your Cardiovascular risk factors and uncover where you are on your journey to achieving your health & wellness goals.

Towards the end of our chat, I’ll come up with specific ways for you to take what you learned and move forward with your personal goals. I want you to feel confident & knowledgeable as you conquer your health and wellness journey.

Kickstart Your Journey

I’ll send you a comprehensive health inventory questionnaire to help me get to know you in a “nutshell”. You’ll begin to organize your medical history and start to see a “snapshot” of yourself and various areas you need to improve.

75-Minute Wellness Session

First we’ll review your medical conditions and pinpoint any challenges you’re experiencing. Then, we’ll create a plan for you to tackle your issues. Of course, your session will be tailored to your personal needs and goals.

It’s time to take action!

When we’re done chatting, I’ll come up with specific ways for you to take what you learned and move forward with your personal goals. I want you to feel confident & knowledgeable as you conquer your health and wellness journey.

Total cost: $349
— OPTION #2 —

You Are What You Eat

  • Are you confused about which steps to take in order to eat “healthy”?
  • Can you stick to your plan for a few days or a few weeks only to fall off track quickly?
  • Do you think that a lack of willpower is the reason?

The good news is, you aren’t alone! As someone who used to weigh about 30 pounds more than I do today, I can tell you first hand that eating healthy is not always easy.

Coupled with regular exercise, a heart-healthy diet can help you to lower cholesterol, control your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and maintain a healthy weight—while simultaneously improving your mood and outlook.

Whether you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular health, have already been diagnosed with heart disease, or have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, lets get you to “heart-healthy” to help you better manage your medical conditions and lower your risk of a heart attack.

Your Food Mindset

First, we’ll identify what you are eating and why you eat the way you do.  Maybe you are an emotional eater or have cravings. We’ll start to shift the way you look at food.

Your Custom Plan

We’ll discuss how to read food labels, when to eat, and why diets don’t work. We’ll come up with an individualized plan tailored to YOU in regards to your food choices.

Pantry Makeover

Once you’re familiar with food alternatives that replace damaging foods, I’ll join you on a journey through your pantry where you’ll toss out junk foods to make room for substitutes.


Finally, we’ll refer to your custom food plan and focus on how to make a habit of these 3 prior steps, letting you incorporate them easily into your life, frustration-free!

This 4-week healthy eating program costs $999
I met Andrea for our session and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. She helped me to understand what problems I am facing and I am grateful for the information that was provided to me.
~ Bob

— OPTION #3 —

Heart Health Academy Signature Coaching

My signature 8-week coaching program is tailored around YOU and your personal health & wellness goals.

  • Do you need ongoing, personalized support to help you tackle your biggest diet, medicine, and heart health issues?
  • Do you doubt your ability to follow through with a plan, without extra accountability to back you up every step of the way?
  • Do you feel a lack of confidence and need more hands-on coaching to help you reach your heart health goals?

It’s time for some personal 1-on-1 coaching. This is the meat and potatoes of your transformation into a healthier you. You will be asked to take responsibility for your health from now on. We will explore your medical issues and review your medications. You will know what Cardiovascular risk factors you have and which ones are amenable.

You will also be making changes so that you feel better, have more energy, and have more control over YOUR life by learning how to eat healthier and enjoy exercise. We will focus on lifestyle changes, because you and I know that there are no quick fixes in life.

Initial ‘Deep Dive’ Call

During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your personal health struggles, go over your medications, and talk about any Cardiovascular issues that have prevented you from living your best, most energized life.

Food & Fitness Plan

Based on your unique goals, I’ll put together a specialized game plan to guide you over the next 7 weeks. I’ll outline small daily habits you can start TODAY and work up to reaching your goals from there.

Weekly Accountability

Each week, I will check in with you via phone or Skype to provide extra support and cheer you on as you build healthy habits for your future! We’ll address your specific issues: stress management, sleep issues, weight loss, healthy eating, exercise, and more!

This 8-week coaching program costs $1,999
Totally amazing! Got a lot of help with my weight and health issues. So happy that I signed up. Thanks for all of your help and I look forward to our next meeting.
~ Scott